About Us

We are proud to be part of The MMC Group of companies

Founded in 1964, our longevity is testament to the value of upholding strong business ethics and delivering a high quality service with consistent and unrivalled business performance.

The MMC Group was born and has flourished in the the industrial heartland of Teesside in the north of England. We have supported and served some of the leading companies in heavy industry, process and manufacturing, construction and maintenance from this region that have made their mark around the world. More information on our group can be found at MMC Group link here

MSS People have an enviable track record of recruiting people with the best skills and resources which manage and serve these companies including directors, senior managers, finance, administration, sales managers, project management, construction personnel together with long term operations and maintenance teams.

Our company remains in private ownership and we pride ourselves on the expertise, loyalty and longevity of our workforce. We do of course value and welcome into our team the skills, experiences and enthusiasm that our new members bring.